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S-lay Pipelay Vessel

Phoenix is an efficient pipelay machine designed to lay long-distance trunk lines and subsea modules in water depth up to 3000m water depth.

As the base for high efficiency pipelaying operations, this vessel features a center firing line with up to 1000 MT pipelay tension. Her articulated stinger has a total length of 140m for ultra deepwater pipelay projects. With the special purpose A-frame system the stinger can be easily raised up and locked in position for long distance transit between job sites.

Her DP2 dynamic positioning system ensures her capability of going to any water depth.

The main crane is located at the stern and has a lifting capacity of 1200MT at 32m radius when fixed and 900MT at 32m radius when fully revolving. The capacity of the crane is selected to handle the stinger and install subsea modules. Three dedicated 50 MT pedestal cranes are positioned to load pipes from transport vessels to Phoenix.