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Shallow Draft Derrick Pipelay Barge

BH1200 is a multi-functional offshore installation barge with derrick and pipelay features suitable for shallow water depths from 3m to 150m.

The pipelay system features a center firing line with 2x200MT tensioners, a 400MT A/R winch, 5 welding stations, 1 NDT station, and 3 coating stations. Combining with a light-weight articulated stinger, the pipelay system is capable to efficiently lay pipelines from 4” to 60” OD including concrete coating.

The 8-point mooring system has the capacity to hold the barge in position against the environmental loads and pipelay reaction forces.

The main crane is located at starboard and has a lifting capacity of 1200MT at 32m radius when fixed, and 900MT at 32m radius when fully revolving. The capacity of the crane is selected to handle the stinger and install subsea modules. Two dedicated 50 MT pedestal cranes are positioned to load pipes from transport vessels to BH1200.