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Elevated Longitudinal Conveyor

Elevated longitudinal conveyors are used to elevate pipe joints between different levels. Each unit has two rollers mounted in a “V” with an opening angle of 120°. One roller is powered by an electric motor, the other roller is idle.

Fixed Longitudinal Conveyor

Fixed longitudinal conveyors are arranged to support and move longitudinally the pipe joints from one area to another.

Transverse Conveyor

Transverse conveyors are used to move pipes between longitudinal conveyors and line-up stations. They are also used to support pipes during end preparation.

Line-up Station

Line-up stations are designed to perform the alignment of the pipe joint and firing line pipe string.

Bead Stall Roller

Bead stall roller supports the pipe string closest to the first welding station. The unit consists of a vertically movable unit that supports two idle rollers. The movable is installed onto a fixed base structure and is vertically actuated by a hydraulic cylinder.

Fixed Roller

Fixed roller boxes are designed to provide support and stability for the firing line pipe string on the forward side of tension machines.

Adjustable Track Roller

Adjustable track rollers are designed to provide support and stability for the pipe at the stern of the vessel and to aid in guiding the pipe onto the stinger. They are adjustable in height to support the pipe for the required pipe lay radius.

Stinger Roller Box

Stinger roller boxes are designed to provide support and stability for the pipe on stringer in guiding the pipe to the seabed. They are adjustable in height to form the required lay radius. Side rollers are mounted on some stinger roller boxes to keep the pipe within the width of the roller boxes. Load sensors are integrated in the mounting pads of some roller boxes to feed back reaction forces.

PLEM Handling Frame

The PLEM handling frame is designed to allow PLEM installation to be carried out over the side of the vessel.

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