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Pipe Handling Equipment

Pipe handling equipment is utilized to efficiently transport and position drill pipes, collars, and casings among the various stages of stand building and drilling operations.

Sinlge joint pipes are moved between pipe deck, catwalk machine, mouse hole, and well center, while triple joint pipe stands are moved between fingerboard, well center, and mouse hole.

Top Drive

We offer a 750st top drive, powered by a variable frequency drive (VFD) system, that delivers the torque and speed required for drilling challenging wells.

The main components of the top drive include an integrated swivel, bi-directional link tilt system, remote and manual blowout preventer valves, back-up clamp for breaking out connections, a guide beam for reacting drilling torque, and an electric service loop.

4600HP SSGD Drawworks

This single-speed-gear-driven drawworks has a robust mechanical drive train and efficient speed control provided by VFD control system.

It comes with a PLC control system.

6900HP SSGD Drawworks (AHC)

Scivita’s Active-Heave-Compensation (AHC) Drawworks was updated with adding active heave compensation system based on our 6900HP SSGD Drawworks, which can be used in floating drilling platform such as drillship or semi-submersible.

1000t Rotary Table

This rotary table is suitable for a drilling rig that drills with a top drive. It is more cost effective due to its relatively small size and light weight.

2200HP Mud Pump

The high pressure mud pump, MP-14-2200, is a horizontal triplex single acting piston pump. It has a compact size and a discharge pressure of up to 7,500psi.

This mud pump is suitable for high performance offshore drilling rigs.

High Pressure Manifold

We supply three types of high pressure manifolds: Choke and Kill Manifold,Cementing Manifold, and HP Mud Standpipe Manifold.

Choke and kill manifold is a part of the well control system to keep well kicks under control. Cementing manifold is a critial component for collecting the transferring cementing fluid for cementing underground casing. High pressure mud standpipe manifold is used to assign the flow of high pressure mud.

P-tank Package

We supply intelligent P-tank package suitable for offshore drilling platforms and vessels that require remote monitoring and control of all operations without accessing the P-tank areas.

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