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Deepwater Drill Ship

This DP drill ship is capable of conducting drilling operations in water depth up to 3000 m. The total drilling depth below the drill floor is 12,000 m.

An active heave compensated (AHC) drawworks, together with a conventional drilling derrick, is employed to keep the drill string stationary while allowing the vessel to move up and down in harsh environment. The drill floor has a automatic offline pipe handling system to provide efficient stand building and pipe handling capability. To further increase the offline capability the X-mas tree can be installed over the side by means of a dedicated winch.

The vessel is equipped with a Dynamic Positioning system (DP2 or DP3 redundancy class) and six azimuthing thrusters to maintain position in deep waters. To keep position in shallow, ice infested waters an eight point anchor position mooring system is also provided.

The vessel will be able to accommodate 150 persons.